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SCM Data India offers 3d CAD software solutions and support to manufacturers, engineers in South India Region. As a Siemens PLM Solution Partner, we offer the Velocity Series: an award-winning software product line from a global leader in Product Lifecycle Management software.

With the tools to meet complex engineering challenges and the expertise to help our clients implement them, SCM Data India is your strategic partner committed to helping you achieve best-in-class engineering and design efficiency.

Featured Products

Solid Edge ST5_0
Solid Edge 2D/3D CAD Software

Solid Edge

Solid Edge is an industry-leading mechanical design system with extraordinary tools used to manage and create 3D digital prototypes. Solid Edge uses direct modeling and synchronous technology to make quicker changes than in history based modeling CAD. Solid Edge seamlessly adopts all CAD products thanks to the Solid Edge development team, who takes user interaction to a whole new level. The all-in-one platform will help you save time on design and development with outstanding part and assembly modeling, drafting, data management, and built in finite element analysis. Solid Edge will help you swiftly meet and exceed all of your requirements for design and project completion time.

Solid Edge with Synchronous Technology

Solid Edge with synchronous technology is the most hybrid complete 2D/3D CAD Solution on the market delivering design times up to 100x faster than the competition.

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  • Design your First Part in Solid Edge Tutorial



Real FEA Made Easy

Femap is an engineering simulation program that creates finite element analysis (FEA) models of intricate engineering products and systems, and displays solutions. Femap allows complete access to the finite element model and results. In Femap, you can model components, assemblies, or systems while determining the response for a given environment. Femap is a standalone simulation solution that includes finite element modeling and analysis functionality. Using Femap, you can easily predict and improve product performance and reliability. Reduce time-consuming and expensive physical prototyping and testing, evaluate different designs, materials, and optimize your designs by reducing material usage using Femap.

Femap is CAD Independent

Femap can access geometr from all major CAD systems including Pro/Engineer, CATIA, NX (Unigraphics), Solid Edge, SolidWorks, and AutoCAD. After you import CAD data into Femap you can prepare the model for analysis using the easy geometry locator which will detect and display troublesome entities. Femap can compeletely remove troublesome entities, such as silvers, with the geometry cleanup tools or by suppressing them.

  • Top 10 Reasons you Should Buy Femap (PDF)
  • World Class Finite Element Analysis for the Windows Desktop (PDF)

Digital Simulation Capabilities

With the digital simulation capabilities of Femap you can improve your product’s performance and reliability. Companies save thousands of dollars on physical prototyping and testing by using Femap. Different designs and materials are easily evaluated and optimized by reducing the amount of materials used. See the case studies below that show customer success and satisfaction with using Femap for FEA needs.

More About Femap

Femap allows you to explore the industry leading powerful analysis capabilities. The comprehensive simulation and analysis applications available for Femap help you save money and reduce time to market. Being faster to optimize designs with reduced prototyping and testing save your company thousands of dollars each year.

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CAM Express


CAM Express is a modular, flexible configuration of numerical control (NC) programming solutions that allows you to maximize the value of your investments in the latest, most efficient and most capable machine tools. Easy to deploy and easy to learn, CAM Express provides powerful NC programming with a low total cost of ownership.

CAM Express can be used independently of any specific computer-aided design (CAD) system and includes key industry translators for data import. CAM Express is also available for integrated use with Siemens PLM Software CAD applications (NX and Solid Edge) based on the same packages outlined below.

Modular industry focused packages

CAM Express is available in application-focused packages to address:

  • 2 1/2-Axis Machining
  • 3-Axis Machining
  • Mill-turn Machining
  • Advanced Machining

CAM Express Foundation

CAM Express is available as a modular, flexible configuration of solutions, starting with the CAM Express Foundation software seat. CAM Express Foundation provides all of the supporting functions required for NC programming including data translation, model editing, assembly modeling, material removal visualization, access to a machining parameter library, post-processing and shop documentation.

CAM Express Total Machining


CAM Express Total Machining provides a wide range of machining capabilities in a single product configuration. Suited to shops that handle a wide variety of work, and program a wide variety of machines, the Total Machining product includes capabilities for turning, 2.5 to 5 axis machining, and Wire EDM manufacturing operations.

CAM Express 5 Axis Machining


CAM Express 5 Axis Machining provides comprehensive milling capabilities in a single product configuration. Machine simulation makes sure that even complex 5 axis motion is visualized and checked for safety. The 5 Axis Machining productsincludes capabilities for 2.5, 3 and 5 axis milling and simulation for all these machining operations.

Did you also know that there are several ways to get your hands on Solid Edge? Not all of them involve a giant purchase order? I mentioned some of these in a previous post.

  • 3DSync – Version with just the 3D Synchronous functions – no 2D and no history
  • Free 2D – Just Solid Edge’s legendary drafting
  • Design and Draft – Gives you Synchronous modeling and 2D drafting
  • Free 45 day trial – There’s nothing like actually trying it out
  • student version – There’s nothing like using legit software
  • just go buy it in one of four levels: Design & Draft, Foundation, Classic, Premium

With all these options, there is something here that you need at a price you can afford.


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